From concept to the implementation
we implement projects comprehensively matching your needs

1. Design assumptions

Feasibility study and clarification of project requirements for the final product. Preparation of conceptual drawings.

4. Injection mould design

After the customer acceptance of the final version of the design, the mould design is performed in the Solid Edge software. During the design process, we rely only on the components of recognized brands: Hasco, Meusburger, FCPK Bytów and others.

2. Designing a detail in 3D

Design work, simulation of deformation of the detail, selection of the right material. Establishment of design assumptions for the implementation of the injection mold.

5. Production of the injection mould

We work with the leading tool shops in Poland. Thanks to the professional cooperation, the implementation of projects takes place on time, guaranteeing at the same time highest precision and quality of the manufactured moulds.

3. Rapid prototyping

Model production in 3D printing technology. Verification of initial design assumptions and confirmation of functionality of the detail. Making corrections and re-confirming the functionality of the part.

6. Start up of the injection mould

We provide full support with launching the mould at the client’s Production facility. We organize technical training for the production staff discussing among others construction of the mold, its kinematics and processing window.


is a company founded in 2018 that specializes in designing high-quality parts from the packaging industry including: caps, lids, cosmetic jars, flip-top closures and the construction of injection moulds for their production. We provide original projects skilfully combining the knowledge and many years of experience of our constructors. CreoMould supports the customer comprehensively from the concept of detail to the implementation of the ready injection mould. We offer services tailored to individual needs.

The mission of our company on which we focus is to achieve customer satisfaction. It is a kind of compass for us to set the direction and framework when making next key decisions for further development. We constantly review our processes, products and services to identify opportunities for improvement, which means that we consistently meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Designing and prototyping
CreoMould specializes in designing details for the packaging industry for the most demanding customers.

At the conceptual stage

we will help you to reliably define the expectations for your product.

Our engineers have over 15 years of design experience

in the industry, which makes our solutions comprehensive and supported by practical knowledge gained during the implementation of numerous projects.

We understand how important it is for your product to stand out

in the marketplace to create the foundation for a solid brand. For this purpose, we will help you to create a design that will highlight the advantages of your product.

We work in Solid Edge software

which is the leading software in the industry and enables us to take full advantage of the creative potential of plastics.

We provide know-how

thanks to which the production of designed parts will be reproducible while maintaining a short cycle time, which will intensify your profits.

We work with market leaders in the field of 3D printing

in a few days we are able to confirm the functionality of the detail and optimize its ease of assembly at further stages of production.

We add value to the ideas of our clients

for whom we design products with high aesthetics and technological quality.

Construction of the moulds

Being aware of the need for comprehensive customer service, CreoMould meets these expectations
and provides a wide range of services securing full suport during the implementation of the injection mould construction, including:


preparation of construction documentation of the mould


coordinating the mold manufacturing process

Mould launch

mould launch at the customer production facility

In the case of Flip-top

parts we manufacture molds equipped with a system of closing details during the release process.

In the case of more advanced projects

requiring the application of additional elements or for technically difficult details we will provide a full automation guaranteeing a proper flip-top closing operation outside the mould area.

We also specialize in making multi-cavity molds

for all types of caps and cosmetic closures. In the case of closure caps with a thread that requires rotating systems we use hydraulic drives (actuators, motors) as well as electrical systems.

Specialized injection moulds are created thanks to the experience of our constructors

and highly specialized machinery park of our partners. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of obtaining a high-quality and functional tool.

Our products
We encourage you to look at our products examples.